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     Lal Kitab is a very different method to analyze and read the horoscope. In which easy and low-cost remedial measures have been prescribed. The way to read the Lal Kitab horoscope is completely different from Vedic astrology. In the Lal Kitab predictive system, there are no zodiac signs and constellations, only bhavas (houses) and planets are considered. From which very accurate predictions are said. After doing a thorough examination of the entire horoscope, only by doing one or two Lal Kitab remedial measures, anyone can get very effective results.

     If a person is not getting success, any tasks are not getting done. The person can get success and get his life goals and tasks completed by Lal Kitab remedial measures.

     But can it be said that a person’s luck can change? It is not like that at all.

     The life’s goals, tasks, and success which is destined in a person’s horoscope, but there is a lot of hindrance in its existence. In such a situation, a person can get the destined goals, tasks, and success by doing the remedies of Lal Kitab.

     The remedies written in the Lal Kitab are very general they cannot be beneficial for each and every horoscope. To get soon and best results, the remedies of Lal Kitab must be done only after examining the horoscope.

     The Lal Kitab claims that. If the presence of a planet in the horoscope’s house is not beneficial, the good effect can be taken of that planet from another beneficial house by doing some remedy. This is only said like this to understand easily, that the position of that planet is changed to another house of the horoscope. This is not exactly like this. The lal Kitab says that the planet after doing the remedy starts giving results from the other beneficial house of the Horoscope. This makes a highly effective difference. Because of this, the Lal Kitab has been called the Wonder Book. Lal Kitab’s solutions are incredible, easy to do, and at a very low cost. And effective benefits are received very soon.

     According to the Lal Kitab, the Moon is the mother of all the planets. If a planet conjoins with the moon, its ill effects are reduced. The moon is considered as water. That is why the remedies been mentioned in the Lal Kitab are, the objects of the planet have to pour in flowing water. The different ordinary objects which we use in our daily life are considered to be the object of nine planets. Very good effects have been seen soon, as soon the object of the planet is poured in the flowing water.

More remedial measures are.

     The Planet object is suppressed in the ground. Different grounds are prescribed for remedies, like any farm ground, isolated ground, the ground below green grass, the ground below a pond, etc.

     To donate the planet objects. The objects which we use in our daily life or any object which relates to a planet by its colour or by shape or by characteristics are prescribed to donate.

     To feed the planet objects to a particular person, to different animals, to different birds.

     Practical measures are described which are very effective. Practical measures mean, eating the eatable objects of the planet used in daily life or wearing the objects of the planet. By all the above remedial measures, the present ill effect position of the planet in the horoscope’s house is changed to another beneficial house and the person starts getting very good effects of that ill effected planet.

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lal Kitab

Lal Kitab The Red Book is known as a wonder book. lal kitab remedies can do really wonders. For many horoscopes lal Kitab Remedies have been very effective and has proved many wonders........


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Online Marriage Matching, A new method of Marriage Matching: Horoscopes matching for Marriage, assures that married life will be happy, healthy, and blissful. Many people have lost their faith in marriage matching system of Gun Milan. Because opposite results have been seen in many couples’ lives with very good points Gun Milan and fewer points Gun Milan. This is a worldwide belief that marriage matching is totally complete after only Gun Matching. 

After deep research in the last 20 years by many horoscopes of couples and by their lives, Jyotish Acharya has observed that if all planets of both horoscopes match well, then definitely the couple will live a blissful married life…..

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Offering Water to Sun without the guidance of an Astrologer gives low prestige in society, disfavor from seniors in the profession and also gets disfavor from Government organizations, the person faces Pitradosh like results. He/She loses his respect in the society. And in the future, if a child is born in the family, the child’s horoscope will have a Pitradosh combination.

  What remedies and worships must be done to get all favors from the planet Sun, Can only be prescribed by your horoscope……

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