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Horoscope Matching in India - Online Kundali Matching In INDIA

Horoscope Matching for marriage in India or Kundali Matching for marriage in India, A new method of Marriage Match Matching: Horoscopes matching for Marriage, assures that married life will be happy, healthy, and blissful. Many people have lost their faith in Kundali Matching system of Gun Milan. Because opposite results have been seen in many couples’ lives with very good points Gun Milan and fewer points Gun Milan. This is a worldwide belief that Kundali matching is totally complete after only Gun Matching.

 After deep research in the last 24 years by many horoscopes of couples and by their lives,  Jyotish Acharya has observed that couples with very fewer points in gun matching are living a happy and blissful life. Because of their Kundali (birth-chart) match is very good. This proved only Gun Milan is not a complete Kundali matching process. If all the Planets, Houses and Rashis of both horoscopes are matching well, the couple definitely will have good mutual understanding, Prosperity, longevity and blissful married life.

     All the aspects of Gun Milan are done by only matching planet Moon and the Nakshatra in which the planet Moon is situated in the Birth Chart. It is very compulsory to match all planets and Nakshatras of both Birth Chart for a blissful married life. Which are totally missing in the Gun Milan method of matching.

     Online Kundali Matching in India: A new method of Kundali Matching: this has to be noted that Marriage Matchmaking is to be done by Matching both Boy and Girl’s birth chart (Kundli) manually. By this procedure, if the Kundli charts match well, the wed couple may get good mutual understanding, attraction and love for each other and all happiness and good long relationship.

Note: For accurate match results the above said Kundli Match is not done by computer, it is only done manually.

     Further to know, It is believed in astrology that for planet Jupiter is significator (Karak) of husband and planet Venus is significator (Karak) of the wife. That is why in the expected wedding of the male-female. Matching of planets Jupiter-Venus of both horoscopes is very compulsory. Like that other Planets and Rashis have the signification of marriage and have to be matched in both Birth Charts (Kundli).

     To have love, attraction, mutual understanding, long relation, progeny, prosperity, all happiness, and growth in the life of an expected married couple, both horoscopes are matched completely and properly by Jyotish Acharya. He provides Best Match making Service in India.

     The Mangli Milan is also very compulsory in Kundali Matching. One thing here is to be noted if a boy/girl is Manglik their life partner must be Manglik only. For this the horoscope of Boy/Girl must get properly examined, Nothing can cancel the Manglik Kundli, the age above 28 years or any other planet cannot cancel the Manglik yog in the horoscope.

     According to Vedic astrology, if planet mangal in the horoscope is in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house the Boy/Girl is Mangli. It can be strong, medium, or light Mangli. But by anyhow, it cannot be considered the cancelation of this Manglik Dosh. The parents of a Manglik Boy/Girl have thought that only our child is Manglik and we cannot get a Manglik match for them. Or delay in fixing the marriage is because of Manglik dosh. This is absolutely wrong Belief.

     Believe this, it is a fact that the ratio of Manglik boys/girls is more than non-Manglik boys/girls. If fixing the marriage of any Boy/Girl Manglik or Non-Manglik is getting delayed after seeing many proposals, then any remedy (Upay) has to be done by his/her horoscope. The Manglik dosh is not the reason for the delay in marriage. But strictly only Manglik Kundali for Manglik and, only Non-Manglik Kundali for Non-Manglik has to be considered for a marriage partner. Contact for the Best Kundli matching service in India.

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