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GemStone Consultant In India

Best Gemstones consultant in India

How to get more benefit from the Gemstone.

From last 24 years Jyotish Acharya a Gemstone Consultant in India have sold and gifted hundred of Gemstones to his clients. After they wore the Powerful Gemstones, he observed them for very long period for the changes and the results they got in their life, by asking and monitoring them. By Jyotish Acharya’s this experience and Research of 24 years and so on, he is very confirm and confident to prescribe the all beneficial gemstone by the horoscope.

How to get more from the Gemstone at its best or to wear gemstone or not.

Gem stones are prescribed by Gemstones consultant in India Jyotish Acharya, after examining the Horoscope thoroughly and are may be prescribed to wear only for the desired need. And after getting the desired or prescribed results the Gemstone must be removed. And to get more from the Gemstone at its best it has to be wear again at the correct time; If Jyotish Acharya thinks it’s needed to wear again as per the analysis of your horoscope and as per your need, than only he will suggest you to wear again to get more from the Gemstone at its best. If as per the analysis of your horoscope it’s not needed any more after getting the desired results, the gemstone has to be removed permanently. When to wear and when to remove the gems stone is very accurately guided by Jyotish Acharya the best Gemstones consultant in India by your Horoscope.

Because by Jyotish Acharya’s experience, it is very true and experienced many times that the desired need is fulfilled in some days or week. And is also experience that wearing Gemstones for a long time gives any other hidden harm, there is any health problem arising quietly in the body, loss of some wealth-property, relationship deterioration, or it is giving any loss of prestige as per your horoscope, but Jyotish Acharya has to prescribe the gemstone for the present desired need or present problem. So after getting the desired result he advises to remove the gemstone.

Wearing two, three, or more gemstones in the fingers, neck, and wrist.

If any person is wearing two, three, or more gemstones in the fingers, neck, and wrist, Jyotish Acharya is very sure he has not got the Gemstones prescribed by proper examining his Horoscope. Because as per astrology all nine planets are not friendly with each other, they are the envy of each other. This enemy relation of the planets gives a very harmful effect on the wearer who is wearing many Gemstones together on the body. He faces very much tensions, harm to prestige, and harm in relations and struggles in life. Very much tensions- struggles in life can be observed on the face of the many Gemstones wearer.

Only one Gemstone can give Good health, Good wealth, Good relations, High Prestige and all happiness, etc.

Or it can also be seen by the Horoscope whether only one gemstone is giving all desired needs of life to the person, i.e. Good health, Good wealth, Good relations, High Prestige and all happiness, etc. Yes, some horoscopes have such one planet which gives all the desired needs of life to the person.

Gemstone is arising health problems or other issue to the member of the family.

Sometimes it happens that the gemstone is giving lots of benefits to the wearer, but the health is deteriorating or any other issue is arising to the member of the family due to that Gemstone. It is believed and also mentioned in Vedic astrology that the planets of the birth chart give good or bad effects to other members of the family. The gemstone representing the planet may be good or harmful by the birth chart of the person for his family members like parents, sister, brother, life partner or children, etc. So Jyotish Acharya Suggest all his clients, the Gemstone must be wear strictly after analysing the horoscope accurately and minutely.

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Note: Gem stones should be worn only after a thorough examination of the horoscope. And after getting the desired or prescribed results the Gem Stone must be removed.

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