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GemStone Consultant In Delhi India

How to get more benefit from the Gemstone.

Best Gemstones consultant in India

From last 21 years Jyotish Acharya a Gemstone Consultant in Delhi have sold and gifted hundred of Gemstones to his clients. After they wore the Powerful Gemstones, he observed them for very long period for the changes and the results they got in their life, by asking and monitoring them. Many gemstones he had taken back and refunded. By Jyotish Acharya’s this experience and Research of 21 years he is very confirm that gemstones cheats and are illusory.

He know that nobody will believe his statement, because there is a strong believe in every human being that after wearing a gemstone or wearing gemstone by his/her Janam Rashi everything will be better in their life, and this is the very easiest way to get good luck and all desires of life.

Gemstones cheats, always wear Gemstone after a thorough examination of the horoscope. Or just after wearing the gemstones when you got something very good happened in your life, remove the Gemstone. Otherwise, it would be nice not to wear any Gemstone on the body.

How to get more from the Gemstone at its best or to wear gemstone or not.

Gem stones are prescribed by Gemstones consultant in India Jyotish Acharya, after examining the Horoscope thoroughly and are prescribed to wear only for the desired need. And after getting the desired or prescribed results the Gemstone must be removed.  When to wear and when to remove the gems stone is very accurately guided by the best Gemstone Astrology in Hindi by your Horoscope.

Gem stone are illusory. Only just after wearing the Gemstone something very good happens in life. The wearer gets the confidence that gemstone would do a lot of good further in his life.

But after that nothing good happens in life. It has been observed that nothing good happens in life even after wearing it for a long time. Wearing Gemstones for a long time may give any hidden harm, there is any health problem arising quietly in the body, loss of some wealth-property, relationship deterioration, or it is giving any loss of prestige.

The person wearing Gemstone lives in the deceit that, the gemstone did something very good just after it was worn; he/she believes that it will do some good even further in life. After wearing the gemstone for a long time He/she lives in an illusion that whatever they have presently is because of the gemstone.

If the horoscope is examined for the planet that gemstone represents, it can be seen that a particular planet cannot give any or any more good results. And can be seen by the horoscope there is a certainty something unobserved bad is happening with the wearer. In the horoscope, there are planet periods which is called Mahadasha of the planet which is in years i.e. of 6, 7, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 years. If the Gemstone is worn for many years and was worn on a planet Mahadasha, it will be harmful to continue wearing it in the next planets Mahadasha, it has to be removed if planet Mahadasha has changed in the horoscope.

If the person is asked to remove the gem stones. The person is afraid of removing the gem stone. One feels that by taking it off. There will be a lot of loss. Whatever I have got today is because of this gem stone. But it is not that, believe this; it’s absolutely wrong believed, and is not like that. The wearer only believes this because just after wearing the gemstone something very good was happened. That’s why Jyotish acharya after his long experience and research says that the Gemstones are illusory.

If any person is wearing two, three, or more gemstones in the fingers, neck, and wrist, Jyotish acharya is very sure he has not got the Gemstones prescribed by proper examining his Horoscope. Because as per astrology all nine planets are not friendly with each other, they are the envy of each other. This enemy relation of the planets gives a very harmful effect on the wearer who is wearing many Gemstones together on the body. He faces very much tensions, harm to prestige, and harm in relations and struggles in life. Very much tensions- struggles in life can be observed on the face of the many Gemstones wearer.

Or it can also be seen by the Horoscope whether only one gemstone is giving all desired needs of life to the person. i.e. Good health, Good wealth, Good relations, High Prestige and all happiness, etc.  Yes, some horoscopes have such one planet which gives all the desired needs of life to the person.

Sometimes it happens that a person wearing a gemstone may be giving him a lot of benefits but the health of any member of his family is deteriorating due to that Gemstone. It is believed and also mentioned in Vedic astrology that the planets of the birth chart give good or bad effects to other members of the family. The gemstone representing the planet may be good or harmful by the birth chart of the person for his family members like parents, sister, brother, life partner or children, etc.

Best Gemstones consultant in Delhi India

Therefore, Gem stones should be worn only after a thorough examination of the horoscope. And after getting the desired or prescribed results the Gem Stone must be removed.

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Gems Stone cheats

Gems stone cheats, always wear Gems stones after a thorough examination of the horoscope. Or just after wearing the gems stone when you got something very good happened in your life, remove the Gems stone...

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Astrology Remedial Items

Everybody desires Good Health, Wealth, Relations, High Prestige and; all Happiness….. After thoroughly examining the Horoscope, Astrology Remedial Items are prescribed to get Good Health, Good Wealth, Good Relations, High Prestige and; all Happiness....desires

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lal Kitab

Lal Kitab The Red Book is known as a wonder book. lal kitab remedies can do really wonders. For many horoscopes lal Kitab Remedies have been very effective and has proved many wonders........

Kundali Matching

Online Marriage Matching, A new method of Marriage Matching: Horoscopes matching for Marriage, assures that married life will be happy, healthy, and blissful. Many people have lost their faith in marriage matching system of Gun Milan. Because opposite results have been seen in many couples’ lives with very good points Gun Milan and fewer points Gun Milan. This is a worldwide belief that marriage matching is totally complete after only Gun Matching. 

After deep research in the last 20 years by many horoscopes of couples and by their lives, Jyotish Acharya has observed that if all planets of both horoscopes match well, then definitely the couple will live a blissful married life…..

Offering Water to Sun

Offering Water to Sun without the guidance of an Astrologer gives low prestige in society, disfavor from seniors in the profession and also gets disfavor from Government organizations, the person faces Pitradosh like results. He/She loses his respect in the society. And in the future, if a child is born in the family, the child’s horoscope will have a Pitradosh combination.

  What remedies and worships must be done to get all favors from the planet Sun, Can only be prescribed by your horoscope……

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