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Astrology Remedies

Astrology Remedies – Gems Stone, Mala, Rudraksha, Bracelet, Talisman, Yantra, or thread Etc. are prescribed by Astrologer Jyotish Acharya as Astrology Remedies after thoroughly examining the horoscope if horoscope allows keeping or wearing for getting any need or desire of life.

     And after getting the desired or said results, the above said Astrology Remedies, remedial items must be removed. When to wear and when to remove the remedial items is very accurately guided by Astrologer Jyotish Acharya.

Astrology remedies Delhi India   

 If a planet in your Horoscope has total positivity and can provide all requirements of life i.e. good Health, good wealth, good relations, high prestige, and all happiness, then only the Astrology Remedy, remedial item of the planet should be worn on the body for very long period otherwise not. For this the horoscope has to be examined very minutely.

      It’s the truth that everybody desires good Health, good wealth, good relations, high prestige, and all happiness in life. Desiring all the above needs is the right of every human being. Wish you all that these all needs should be in your life.

     If anybody losses or doesn’t have any one of five above-said requirements of life, although he has the rest of the above-said requirements of life even then his life gets miserable, he will pray to god and will struggle for that one need of life. This means all are very essential in everybody’s life.

     Wearing any Astrology Remedy, remedial item of a planet for a long period (one year or more than one year) on the body only for above said one need of life is not right; it may lesser or harm other essential requirements of life.

The Reason:

     The human body is very-very sensitive, and the planets have both the energies, positive and negative energies. So wearing any Astrology remedial item for a planet on the body may also give the negative energies. One has to observe himself or get checked the horoscope, for that remedial item’s planet in the horoscope is not giving any negative energies.

     Get your horoscope thoroughly checked before wearing any Astrology remedial item on your body. In many horoscopes it has been seen that a planet is having very positive energies and only positive energies, the Astrology remedial item of only as such a planet can be worn on the body. Otherwise don’t wear any remedial item on the body.

     Any Astrology remedial Item which you wear on the body unknowing your horoscope, for any purpose, (Gemstone, Mala, Rudraksha, Bracelet, Talisman, Yantra, or thread Etc) it either naturally relates to the planet or anyhow relates to the house and Rashi of your horoscope. The energies of the Astrology remedial items the person is wearing on the body for the planet or for any need should be judged by the horoscope.

     If a planet needs Astrology remedy and it is providing only one requirement of life and that is presently very important. The planet’s Astrology remedial items like Gemstone, Mala, Rudraksha, Bracelet, Talisman, Yantra, or thread Etc. Should wear for a short time period. The Item has to be wear until the purpose is solved.

     If anybody doesn’t have his/her horoscope or doesn’t want to get checked the horoscope by any astrologer, then don’t wear any Astrology remedial item unknowingly on the body. It will be very better for the person not to wear any Astrology remedial item. Because the wearer doesn’t know the Astrology remedial item is enhancing any above-said requirement or only giving an illusion that everything will be good. And the wearer cannot be sure that it is not giving any negativity if worn for a long period.

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Gems Stone cheats

Gems stone cheats, always wear Gems stones after a thorough examination of the horoscope. Or just after wearing the gems stone when you got something very good happened in your life, remove the Gems stone...

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Astrology Remedial Items

Everybody desires Good Health, Wealth, Relations, High Prestige and; all Happiness….. After thoroughly examining the Horoscope, Astrology Remedial Items are prescribed to get Good Health, Good Wealth, Good Relations, High Prestige and; all Happiness....desires

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lal Kitab

Lal Kitab The Red Book is known as a wonder book. lal kitab remedies can do really wonders. For many horoscopes lal Kitab Remedies have been very effective and has proved many wonders........


Kundali Matching

Online Marriage Matching, A new method of Marriage Matching: Horoscopes matching for Marriage, assures that married life will be happy, healthy, and blissful. Many people have lost their faith in marriage matching system of Gun Milan. Because opposite results have been seen in many couples’ lives with very good points Gun Milan and fewer points Gun Milan. This is a worldwide belief that marriage matching is totally complete after only Gun Matching. 

After deep research in the last 20 years by many horoscopes of couples and by their lives, Jyotish Acharya has observed that if all planets of both horoscopes match well, then definitely the couple will live a blissful married life…..

Offering Water to Sun

Offering Water to Sun daily for many years, gives low prestige in society, disfavor from seniors in the profession and he also gets disfavor from Government organizations, He faces Pitradosh like results. He loses his respect in the society. And in the future, if a child is born in his family, the child’s horoscope will have a Pitradosh combination.

  What remedies and worships must be done to get all favors from the planet Sun, Can only be prescribed by your horoscope……

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