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Pisces Horoscope – Your Pisces Horoscope 12 Zodiac Sign By jyotishsalaah.com

Pisces Horoscope – Physical Appearance

Pisces Horoscope persons are generally of short stature, of plump body, short limbs, pale complexion, full of fleshy face, and tendency to double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders. They have big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair. They have wide mouth and inclining to corpulence especially in later years.

Pisces Horoscope – Mental Tendencies

Pisces Horoscope persons are quick in understanding, versatile, inspirational, easy going, good nature, change full, emotional, psychic, and fond of music, passionate, affectionate and charitable. Sometimes they are secretive, reserved or mysterious in their way of doing things. Philosophical and lead a romantic life.

Pisces Horoscope – Personality

Pisces Horoscope persons are Kind, truthful, loving and of sympathetic nature. They are courteous and hospitable Restless, helpful and humane. Lacking generally in self confidence, self esteem, modest, timid, and they cannot harm anyone. Being dual sign Pisces Horoscope Persons are puzzle to others and to himself even, cannot be steady, mostly sweet tempered and social. They Led away by fancies and new ideas, polite and modest. At times they are over anxious and become disheartened, indecisive and lacking in life and energy. They use best of circumstances, vital temperament. Of varying moods, over liberal, keep hopes on other’s promises, rely friends and many times suffer at their hands. They are addicted to drink, love psychic and occult science. They are best suited as poets, musicians, in planning commission, painters, nurses, caterers, teachers, accountants, banker, and actors or as Liaison officers etc. Pisces Horoscope Persons should marry for happy married life to persons born with Virgo and Cancer ascendants.

Pisces Horoscope – Health

Pisces being a watery sign one will be addicted to drink. The persons will suffer from gastric troubles, varicose veins or guinea worms. Affliction of bile and feet is denoted. This sign governs feet, ankle, teeth and left eye and the diseases indicated are consumption, tuberculosis, tumors and mucous troubles. Planets in Poorva Bhadrapad constellation shows abdominal tumor, enlarged liver and enzymes deficiency and in Rewati star causes deafness, general nervous debility, cramps, etc. Sun in Pisces produces perspiration of feet, chillness, intestinal troubles due to lack of blood supply and typhoid. Moon denotes drink, over drugging the system. Mars indicates fracture in the foot, deformities, a piles, inflammation in the bowels and hernia. Mercury causes nervous debility, deafness and tuberculosis. Jupiter in Pisces denotes swollen feet, perspiration, enlargements of liver, abdominal tumor, deficiency of enzymes and intestine troubles. Venus causes gout, intestinal troubles whereas Saturn causes Rheumatism, foot-droop, tuberculosis and dropsy.

Pisces Horoscope – Love and Marriage

Pisces Horoscope Persons will remain attracted to the romantic life; prefer beauty of the partner and intellect. They are suspicious by nature towards partner which kills their love but they like flattery. They should not select any partner who is free with all. Since Pisces is dual sign, the person will be affectionate but reluctant at times whereas in other moments they will be amorous and affectionate. They will lead a happy married life. Such persons are kind, sympathetic, and loyal. Good and moody persons. They are Bold, brave and independent. They love their children who are also affectionate and successful in life.

Pisces Horoscope – Ideal Match

Pisces horoscope Persons are best suited to Virgo and Cancer born persons.

Pisces Horoscope – Husbands

Pisces Horoscope Persons husbands are affectionate, kind and full of love but suspicious by nature. For a happy and prosperous married life they should not doubt the partner. Throughout their life they will be attracted towards romantic side. Very helpful and maintain harmony at home are sincere and true.

Pisces Horoscope – Ladies

Pisces Horoscope born ladies are beautiful, of big and protruding eyes. They will have tendency to flatulence as age advances. Passionate and romantic, Ladies are over liberal and have nature of unbounded generosity which should be avoided by them lest they fall victim of bad social elements and ruin their life. She cannot be steady in her love. They are sweet tempered, very social, polite and modest and can easily be led away by fancies and fresh ideas. They keep the home modern and in a top condition. They love domestic life on the whole.

Traits to be Corrected of Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope Persons should not rely upon all their friends, must be choosy about them as they all will not be sincere. The friends, a few of them, will outwardly be honest but inwardly scoundrel, cheat and selfish. Avoid suspicious nature and varying moods. Cultivate push, be generous but not over liberal, do not be contemplating and dreaming always and they should not entertain and rely on other’s promises.

Finance and Fortune of Pisces Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope Persons have food business ability. They are endowed with wealth and power. They do not relish the idea of being dependent on their children. In old age so they keep the money safe for that period. They are helpful to needy person and make advances of money to those who can repay on demand. They have plurality of interests.

Pisces Horoscope – Domestic Environments

Pisces Horoscope Persons have many friends and are happy to entertain them at home, wish to have educated partner in life and have good children. They love happy domestic life and are very affectionate. Throughout their married life they do not get tired to carry out the romantic legend of lovers. Tempted to fancies of life and with every pretty face and their fancies will be wanderings.

Pisces Horoscope – Professions

Pisces Horoscope Persons can be successful as accountants, bankers, music and opera houses, cinema, occult sciences, actors and have good business ability and can be a successful liaison officer, Managing Director or Chairman. They are best suited for Navy Shipping Corporation etc. deals in drinks, oils, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, medical and education departments. Pisces Horoscope Persons cannot concentrate and do hard work. But if they are compelled to do then as they are methodical, persevering, industrious, true, and sincere and honest. The professions connected with Saturn will result in loss and be avoided.

Lucky Days, Numbers, Colors and Stones for Pisces Horoscope

Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are favorable and lucky days. Mondays and Saturdays will cause loss and unfavorable also the Wednesdays and Fridays will not be harmonious fruitful. Lucky and favorable Colors are Red, Yellow, Rose and Orange. Avoid Blue. For partner’s prosperity, the partner should use White, Cream and Green. Lucky and Favorable numbers are 1, 4, 3 and 9. Avoid 8, other numbers are passive. Lucky Stones are Topaz or Pukhraj in Gold be used in first finger of right hand on Thursday morning after prayers. When Jupiter is malefic or unfavorable use of white pearl in silver or yellow sapphire plus red coral is recommended for use to minimize and avoid the evils and difficulties.

Gemstone Warning for Pisces Horoscope

Consult good astrologer for Gem stones, Gems Stone Cheats, do not wear Gems Stone without analyzing your Horoscope minutely.

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