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Best consultation online India for Offering Water to Sun

Best consultation online India for Offering Water to Sun : The Executants/properties of the Planet Sun are; honor, prestige, fame, rewards, father and Forefather, Government, Government offices, high officials, Government jobs, boss, general manager, the ruler, administrator, king, politics, the judicial system, good relations, generation growth, high financial status, etc.

     If the planet Sun will support the person, then all of the above will give its attributes. If the sun in the horoscope is bad then the sun will not favor and the executants/properties of the planet Sun will not be found in the person’s life.

     Jyotish Acharya’s past 24 years of experience and research has shown that the person who is offering water to the Sun every day form many years, that person doesn’t get above said qualities of the planet Sun.

What remedies and worships must be done without offering water to Sun to get all favors from the planet Sun, Can only be prescribed by your horoscope.

     Offering Water to Sun without the guidance of an Astrologer gives low prestige in society, disfavor from seniors in the profession and also gets disfavor from Government organizations, the person faces Pitradosh like results. He/She loses his respect in the society. And in the future, if a child is born in the family, the child’s horoscope will have a Pitradosh combination.

The Reason:

     The exact reason for offering water to Sun cannot be explained here in words for Offering Water to Sun. To understand the reason, the person should have trust in Jyotish Acharya. The reason can only be explained and understand by getting the services of Jyotish Acharya. Get Online Astrology Services in India.

     It is said that the planet Sun is cooled by offering water Sun. Offering water to Sun is also written in Hindu scriptures. It is not possible to cool the Planet Sun with water. Even with the whole water available on the earth. Many more matters, written in Hindu scriptures are not accepted in today’s modern era, and there are strict laws against some. The change of not offering water to Sun should also be brought now.

     What happens in a person’s life by offering water to Sun, nobody has observed that offering water to Sun is giving him or her good results or bad. And offering water to Sun is done for ages. Many past king and queen of India were also Offering water to Sun; all have lost their kingdom and now behind almost all of them have no generation. If offering water to sun is good then they have got the good properties of the planet Sun.

Everyone should get the benefit of Jyotishsalaah.com astrologer’s experience & research, so it is being said here.

     By making the sun favorable, one can get the qualities of the sun, not by making the sun cool by offering water to sun. To make the sun favorable, greet the sun with folded hands every day, the Sun will surely support you, the Sun will also support your next generation.

     But greetings to the planet Sun can only be done by the person whose horoscope allows him. By person’s horoscope if it is very beneficial to greet the planet Sun, then only the person should greet the Sun with folded hands daily, otherwise not. Get Offering Water To Sun Consultation Online.

     Everybody cannot greet the Planet Sun with folded hands. Those persons whose horoscope does not allow them to greet the Sun with folded hands. Then doing nothing for the planet Sun, will be better.

     The Sun should not be offered water, offering water to sun causes bad effects. If you want proof of this, so look in the neighborhood around you, anyone in your neighbor a man or woman who is offering water to sun daily from many years, judge them, how much respect they have in society. Or check that if their nearby people don’t want to talk to them or avoid meeting them. You will know by talking to such people or by observing them. Then you will believe that by offering water to Sun daily for many years, the person loses his respect in the society. And Jyotish Acharya is right.

What is Pitradosh?

     A Pitradosh is not cursed by ancestors or forefathers. It is karmic Debt of the ancestors and is to be paid by the person having Pitradosh in his horoscope. In simple words, the Pitradosh is formed in the horoscope of a person when his/her forefathers have committed some mistakes, crimes, or sins. So in return, this person is supposed to pay the Karmic debt by going through different punishments decided in different spheres of his life. He has to go through this for his whole life or until the debt is cleared either by taking the punishments or by good deeds.

     There is also believe that the bad deeds of father, ancestors or forefathers are, they have not respected their elders but insulted them, delivered pains to them, do not perform Shraddha and Tarpan for their own ancestors as per rituals, They have kill the animals and birds for no reason and kill especially creeping creatures, such as snakes, etc. Such deeds of forefathers are transferred to their next generation in the form of Pitradosh in their horoscopes.

     Jyotish Acharya wants to say here that the mentioned mistakes, crimes, and sins have been committed by the forefather or ancestor is not a very huge deed. It is not so big a mistake, which is said to be out of the world. The mistakes & crimes mentioned above and are believed are very common things of life knowing or unknowingly done by the person. As such, offering water to the sun daily for many years is also a very simple and small mistake; by this, the person or his/her next generation will be punished by getting the bad results of Pitradosh.

     In Hinduism, there is a detailed description of many types of losses from Pitradosh under which, if a person is suffering from Pitradosh, then he has to take many mental troubles and losses, some of which are as follows: (person suffer’s by all or some of these)

In such people’s houses, 1. There is constant discord and disturbance. 2. There are mutual differences in the house. People do not get the views of each other, due to which there is conflict in the house. 3. Unsavoury and no help from the Government and seniors. 4. Low or no prestige in the society. 5. Various obstacles arise in the work and profession. 6. Faces difficulties, mishappenings, and inauspicious events in life. 7. Delay in the attainment of a child, Child may have some physical deficiency or there is no child. 8. There is a lack of money in the house. Expenditure is higher than income, Even if there is a good income;   there are insufficiency and no savings. 9. There are lots of troubles on auspicious occasions. 10. After tireless hard work, there is very little reward. 11. The work destroys after completion for no reason.,

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